Scientific IP and Setting Standards for Digital Data Environments

Andrey Badalyan November 9th 2020

Securing intellectual property is crucial to any innovative organisation that seeks commercialisation of their inventions and derived products.

Laboratory notebooks have played a central role in securing intellectual property, as, given they keep to laboratory standards and regulations, they provide proof of invention according to the First to Invent patenting rule. This rule states that the person or organisation who conceived an idea is also the party that can make privileged intellectual property claims.

Digital laboratory notebooks continue to play a key role in securing data, defining invention ownership and aid in publishing documents that can be used later to defend an invention.

Labstep is optimised to secure and protect your IP. This white paper describes how to secure and protect scientific IP and the benefits connected research environments provide in patenting.

Labstep is a provider of scientific data management software for R&D organisations across industries (Biotech, Pharma, Biology, Chemicals, Agriculture etc) who need to manage, capture, share and use data effectively.

The Labstep platform is an end to end flexible research environment that connects your notebook, inventory, applications and data in one collaborative workspace.

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