Why now is the best time to transition to a digital data environment with Labstep.

Andrey Badalyan June 7th 2021
Labstep R&D Digital Solutions

There are multiple factors to consider when selecting a perfect ELN for your business. Every ELN provider offers a slightly different solution, but at the end of the day, do they really provide much difference between having to manually input data by hand and typing it into an ELN? For the vast majority of ELN solutions, researchers would still need to enter data twice: at the lab bench and at the desk when writing up their experiments. On the other hand, having any type of an ELN provides a major advantage of having all research data in one place, limiting the persistent problem of data loss and unlinked experiments across the team. So, why make this digital transition now and what is the best digital solution to choose out of seemingly dozens of options?

Labstep combines everything you can think of for an ELN and more.

Getting started with Labstep is easier than ever before - our platform enables bench-side data capture, experiment reporting and inventory management whilst ensuring an intuitive experience straight from the get-go. Aside from an intuitive data entry and recordkeeping tool, Labstep have a plethora of interesting features such as our unique protocol runner, inventory management, order services and many other tools designed to not only ensure the best data-capturing experience for our users but also reduce the amount of manual work required for managing multiple projects and workflows simultaneously. Most importantly, we are constantly improving our user experience based on our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Labstep facilitates efficient scaling of your R&D business.

A CISCO study surveying 2,030 SMEs across 8 geographical regions confirms that digitisation is the right way forward for small and medium sized businesses seeking recovery and growth amidst the global business disruption in 2020. With 44% of digital-resistant businesses on the brink of shutting down, whilst 46% of small digitised businesses are thriving, ambitious SMEs are being increasingly directed towards digitising their operations, as it has proved as an answer to secure proliferation and business continuity. According to the European Commission, 90% of small businesses think that they are lagging behind their competitors in digital innovation - a stunning figure for an issue which has seemingly clear and data-backed benefits. R&D companies are stuck behind with irreproducible experiments and systematic data loss all caused by the inability to connect their research. Many researchers still use paper notebooks, which get lost and are difficult to trace, stalling the research process, creating time lags and reducing transparency in the team. All of these issues lead to R&D businesses having difficulties with scaling up and expanding their operations. It becomes too difficult to manage a growing organisation using conventional tools such as outdated ELNs and paper notebooks which all lead to irreproducible research.

With Labstep, the problem of irreproducibility is eradicated, as linking experiments, searching legacy data and connecting research processes becomes easier than ever. Labstep provides an all-in-one solution designed by scientists to accelerate research in all areas of the lab starting from ordering reagents and finishing with secure signing of experiments.

Labstep is unique in its multidisciplinary approach.

The vast majority of existing solutions are either function or field-specific. For instance, solutions like Quartzy are limited by inventory management functionality, whilst solutions like Benchling are designed for geneticists and are not useful for other disciplines. Labstep offers its users a completely different approach - our solution is completely field-agnostic and can be used by a variety of scientific disciplines. Our users operate in a variety of fields from biotechnology to nanoparticles and material science.

Now is the time for bold transformations.

The world was moving at a fast pace even before the coronavirus crisis began, but now it appears as if the luxury of time has vanished completely. If R&D businesses previously had 2-3 years to map out their digital transformation strategy, it is now a matter of scaling their ideas in several months. A new survey released by McKinsey demonstrates how the current crisis has pushed the companies to speed up adoption of digital technologies by several years, accelerating digital transformation by almost three-fold since 2019. Of course, a significant portion of this was likely caused by companies adapting to remote working, however the majority of this transformation was encouraged by the following factors:

Migrating knowledge and assets to the cloud. Pushing for improved data security and data integrity. Growing need for efficient collaboration between lab members. Maintaining high levels of transparency within the team.

Seeking a digital solution to maintain the standards achieved during the pre-covid times is a goal that flows into an opportunity to actually improve these standards and it turns out that such bold moves pay off quickly. McKinsey reports that the organizations that experimented with new digital technologies during the crisis, report revenue growth that vastly exceeds the growth seen at other companies.

Indeed, now is the best time to make bold company-level transformations and capitalise on them to set your R&D business apart from the competition.

Transitioning to a digital data environment with Labstep

Labstep makes the transition process easy, natural and stress-free. Our onboarding process is carefully mapped out according to your organisation’s unique situation and we are ready to help you along every step of the way. From helping you devise a deployment plan to employee training and workspace set-up, our team is mindful of your time and dedicated to make this a frictionless experience for everyone in your team. For more information on how Labstep can help you make a painless transition to our centralised solution, contact enterprise@labstep.com.

Labstep is a provider of scientific data management software for R&D organisations across industries (Biotech, Pharma, Biology, Chemicals, Agriculture etc) who need to manage, capture, share and use data effectively. The Labstep platform is an end to end flexible research environment that connects your notebook, inventory, applications and data in one collaborative workspace. To learn more about Labstep’s lab inventory management module, get in touch. Contact us or book a demo today.