Case studies

With clusters in all leading global institutes in scientific research, Labstep is designed for today’s brilliant minds in science. From PhD student to PI, here are some practical examples of how researchers use Labstep.

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Oliver Kraft

PhD student, Organic Chemistry

"Everywhere I go, my documents, protocols and notes are with me. And every single week, Labstep gets better and better."

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Michele Sanguanini

PhD student, University of Cambridge

"Labstep makes me save time in protocols involving many little steps to complete; it makes it easier and less tedious to track the progression of an experiment."

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Margarita Sidorova

CEO at Frontier Cosmetics

"Labstep has been great with helping me keep accurate records of my formulations. It records all my work session and saves me time from going back to fill in records."

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Francis S. Mendy

Senior Laboratory Technician

"Labstep enables me to easily upload all my protocols by just copy and pasting. This has eliminated the need for paper records and enhances better recording keeping."

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Enterprise Case Study

UK-based novel antibody company

"Labstep has helped expand operation and scale production, adapting to the different stages and challenges faced over time."

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