Molecular Bio & Chemistry Tools

Integrated, user-friendly software

Design, edit and share your chemical structures and reactions, DNA sequences, plasmids and primers. Link to your inventory and notebook entries or keep a shared library of molecular designs with colleagues.

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When it comes to software tools for molecular biology or chemistry research, scientists deserve extensive functionality, easy usability, and support for sharing and collaboration.

How Labstep helps

Existing solutions are stand-alone and force scientists to invest in different softwares for their specific design and analysis tasks, hindering their ability to tie this to their notebook and inventory data. Labstep’s Molecular Bio and Chemistry tools give scientists a complete set of softwares that support the leading-edge of chemistry and life science research in a user-friendly interface. And, with Labsteps integrated notebook, inventory and collaboration features, scientists no longer have to be burdened using an overwhelming number of different softwares that they cannot link together.

Best-in-class tools in a team environment

Track all of your sequence edits using the most up-to-date molecular tools. Work together with shared libraries to eliminate duplicate efforts.

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Link to notebook & inventory records

Add molecular designs to inventory records and save chemical reactions directly to notebook entries. Track all edits through a complete version log.

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Connect your favourite softwares

Import *.fasta, *.gb, *gbk files from SnapGene & Genbank directly to your Labstep records. Connect with ChemDraw to upload designs directly to Labstep.

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Cutting-edge DNA & protein sequence tools

  • Plasmid design - upload, edit, analyse and annotate all elements of your plasmids, including primer binding sites.
  • ORFs and protein translations - translate DNA sequences directly to amino acid sequences.
  • Import and export sequences. Import *.gb, *.gbk, *.fasta files or export sequences as a Genebank, Fastq or Teselagen JSON file.
  • Save DNA and AA sequence libraries - sequences can be used and referenced across all Labstep modules.

Enzyme libraries, manage cutsites and virtual digests

  • Enzyme library - select enzymes from a standard library or add your own enzyme designs.
  • Virtual digest - view enzyme cutsites and generate virtual digest details such as fragment length and overhang.
  • Visual gel digest - visualise resulting size of DNA fragments in a virtual gel.

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High-performance chemical editor

  • Draw & edit structures - Easy-to-use atom, bond and template tools.
  • R-Group and S-Group tools - Generic, Multiple group, SRU polymer, peratom, Data S-Group.
  • Reaction Tool - Reaction generating, manual and automatic atom-to-atom mapping.
  • Add basic properties - Add atom, bond and query features, aliases and generic groups.
  • Structure visualisation - Fast 2D structure representation compliant with chemical drawing standards and 3D structure visualisation.
  • Automated metadata - Automatically pulls metadata for molecule designs, such as name, formula, molecular weight and hazards.

Labstep - ChemDraw integration

ChemDraw is a leading chemical sketcher software, used to draw chemical structures and reactions. The Labstep - ChemDraw integration allows users to save molecular structures in ChemDraw to their Labstep inventory or notebook entries. Edit your structures in the Labstep Molecular Editor and share a library of structures with colleagues.

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From ChemDraw, save molecular structures as a Labstep resource and save reaction schemas as a new notebook experiment entry.

Open and edit ChemDraw files in the Labstep Molecular Editor. Save files to an inventory resource or attach to an experiment entry.

"The ease and simplicity of the user interface has dramatically improved user adoption and usage rates. In addition, the platform is incredibly stable and always performs smoothly, so we never have experimental downtime due to our ELN."
- Carl Brown, Scientist, Sherlock Biosciences
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