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A better alternative to Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox

Your record keeping methods need to be organised and accurate, but most importantly, appropriate for your research. Are Cloud storage services doing that for you? Let’s take a look.

Google Drive
Simplified data management
Labstep allows you to tie together an experiment notebook, inventory management, instrument and software integrations and collaboration, all in a single place.


Experiment functionality
Tailored for scientific workflows, Labstep offers observations in a clear experiment overview and offers specific chemical and biochemical functionality.


Inventory functionality
Labstep tracks location, amount in stock and other metadata and generates unique IDs and QR codes for inventory tracking. Inventory items can be tied to experiments and protocols.


Live experiment runner
Labstep provides a built-in protocol runner that displays your protocols or SOPs in step-wise format, allowing you to use timers, tables and track any deviations made in your method in real-time.


Instrument integration
By connecting Labstep with your equipment, you are saving time that would usually have been spent on uploading, downloading, and transferring files between devices using a USB or hard drive.


Software integration
Labstep open API connects to available softwares and offers pre-built integrations with programs such as R and Python and programs such as ChemDraw and SnapGene.


Data security
Labstep data is backed up to two different geographical locations with end to end encryption and is GDPR compliant.

For regulated industries and organizations, electronic collection of data falls under regulations as 21 CFR Part 11. The Labstep audit trails and controlled access can help you become compliant.


Data archiving
Easy access and enhanced long-term data records in the Cloud ensures future accessibility for other researchers. All data can also be exported to local servers or hard drives.

Easy collaboration
Scientific teams can quickly and efficiently share information in real-time on Labstep. Sharing data in the project context facilitates efficient knowledge transfer and enhances collaboration.


Real-time data updates
All work is instantly saved securely in the cloud: experiment deviations are recorded in real-time; data is uploaded from instruments in real-time; users collaborate in real-time.

Labstep’s progressive web app is accessible on any device and from any browser, meaning it can be used equally at work, at home or during travels.

Data structure consistency
Using a digital system like Labstep makes it easier to set up a common structure for data, or even a common language throughout the team.


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