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Customise your Labstep environment to fit the needs of your organisation. Our fully unified cloud solution is ideal for collaborative workflows, IP protection and regulatory compliance.

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Customisable research environments

Build your own research environment by connecting your notebook, inventory, applications and data, all in one collaborative workspace.

Comprehensive notebook

Sample & inventory management

Collaborative workspaces

Integrated data collection & analysis

Connecting instruments and software

Security & regulatory compliance

How we are different

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  • Unlimited cloud data storage
  • Real-time data collection
  • Cloud-based, mobile-optimised web app
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Training and implementation included

Traditional ELN's

  • Data storage at extra cost
  • Input data retrospectively
  • Clunky desktop software
  • No customer support
  • Extra implementation costs

Researchers save an average of 4 hours / week using Labstep

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IP Protection

Building a complete & authentic audit trail

Electronic signatures, time/date stamping and a comprehensive audit trail insure the indisputable authenticity of your work.

Use the open API and real-time data features to build an automated research record that can be easily filtered and searched and organised.

Sample & inventory management

Knowing exactly what, where and how much.

Labstep gives you overview of your inventory, from chemical solutions to antibody libraries. Search and filter through your supplies, check how much is in stock and keep track of your storage locations. Import your sample management system or use the open API to integrate your LIMS and avoid data duplication.

Track lab inventories and seamlessly integrate your resources in your experiments

Keep your lab costs under control – no more duplicate orders

Discover resources from trusted suppliers like Sigma-Aldrich, NEB and Qiagen


Secure data hosting & full regulatory compliance

We know how important it is to keep your data safe. Security and data protection is a fundamental part of our engineering process.

Data Security

Data is hosted in SOC-compliant data centers.

Data Encryption

We use the TLS1.2 protocol to encrypt all data.

Private Networks

We use private networks (VPN) shielded from the public internet.

Full Compliance

Strict regulatory compliance through complete audit trails, electronic signatures & time stamping

Data backup

Data is backed up continuously to the cloud and daily at several geographical locations.

Access rights

Access tiering secures all data against unauthorized access.

Bespoke implementation.
No extra costs.

Personalised demo

Bespoke workflow consultation

Complete environment setup

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"Implementing Labstep at an early stage has streamlined our internal collaboration, drastically increased productivity and saved the company significant money."

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