Case study

Early-stage biotech

UK-based novel antibody discovery company

The company started as a spin-out of Oxford university, using Labstep as their research data management platform from early-stage onwards.

Labstep has helped expand operation and scale production, adapting to the different stages and challenges faced over time. During early-stage, as the team designed and optimised initial processes, Labstep tracked outcomes of version-controlled SOPs and subsequently streamlined internal communication and knowledge transfer for a rapidly growing team. Building a comprehensive and time-stamped audit trail for over two years, Labstep continuous to provide an accessible record that can be easily filtered and searched and insures their IP.

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Other case studies

Margarita Sidorova

"Labstep has been great with helping me keep accurate records of my formulations. It records all my work session and saves me time from going back to fill in records."

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