Case Study

Fiona Rowan

Protein Science Team Lead
Labgenius Ltd
Biotherapeutics company
30 Labstep Users

What are your reasons for using Labstep?

We wanted to standardise how we capture our experimental data, and ensure all protocols and results are easily searchable and shareable.

What do you like about Labstep?

It's really intuitive to use - by far the best of the multiple ELNs we researched!

How does Labstep help you in your individual work?

It's really simplified and streamlined our experimental processes: from planning out experiments before entering the lab, to keeping track of what protocol step you're on in real-time, to writing up results and presenting data in a straightforward way.

How does Labstep help your team?

As a team we're able to share and modify SOPs and other protocols, easily peer-review each other's work, and share data reports with our project managers.

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Michele Sanguanini

"Labstep makes me save time in protocols involving many little steps to complete; it makes it easier and less tedious to track the progression of an experiment"

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