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"I felt sceptical first, as I didn't trust ELNs. Moving my projects to Labstep has actually been a pleasant improvement for the lab. Mostly, it's saving myself and my PhD students loads of admin time."

- Will Petty, group leader, University College London

Collaborative workspaces

Share research information and collaborate on projects while keeping full control of rights and permissions. Optimise version-controlled protocols among lab members, keep track of collective libraries of resources and troubleshoot your results with colleagues. Follow how your students are progressing through experiments in real-time and give comments at any point during the experiment.

Sample & inventory management

Labstep gives you an overview of your inventory, from chemical solutions to antibody libraries. Search and filter through your samples, check how much is in stock and keep track of your storage locations. Managing shared libraries of resources? Seamlessly share inventory information with your colleagues to avoid data duplication.

Already managing large data sets? Import your current data files or browse the catalogues of suppliers such as Thermofisher, Sigma-Aldrich, NEB and Qiagen.

Experiment notebook

Planning ahead or noting retrospectively - Labstep records the details of your procedures and resulting data in a clear experiment overview. Link the protocol you have followed, or select multiple protocols for your workflow. Include your rationale, notes and results to create a comprehensive record of your experiment.

All your experiments are organised in a chronological overview. Simply filter through your experiment entries or search for a comment, sample or protocol used. Use tags to organise your experiments into different projects.

How to pitch Labstep

Need some help convincing your lab? Use this pitch to get them on board.

Labstep is a free flexible research environment that connects electronic notebook functionality, inventory management, applications and data in one collaborative workspace. Based on the team’s personal frustrations in the lab with existing ELNs and LIMS, Labstep offers features that streamline research data documentation and knowledge transfer by capturing real-time process data.

Labstep is more than just an electronic lab notebook. It’s an all-in-one data and inventory platform that keeps track of your research, manages your inventory and integrates with your favourite analysis softwares. The platform is designed to reduce researchers’ time and effort, aid with process optimisation and increasing accuracy and reproducibility of scientific data.

In line with Labstep’s mission to have a tangible positive impact on the scientific community, the platform is free and forever will be for academia. Sustained by the Labstep for Enterprise business model, Labstep is able to offer a stable platform with unlimited storage space to academia without charge.

Since launching, the platform is now used at over 900 universities around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and MIT. Rapid organic adoption has also seen Labstep chosen as the recommended platform to all RebelBio and IndieBio portfolio companies and multiple high profile institute-wide deployments, including the Francis Crick Institute in London.

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