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Thinking differently

We envisage a world where...

1.You are recognised for the protocols you develop and optimise, not just the results you find.
2. You can attach the protocols you use in the lab directly to your papers and view them in their full glory.
3. You don't have to waste time transcribing methods from a paper into your lab book or rewriting methods for a publication.
4.You can see the step-by-step procedures for any published research in enough detail to do it yourself.

Send us your step-by-step protocols...

Please send us the protocols you use at the bench. Don't hold back; Labstep has no word limits!

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We'll create a Labstep account for you and upload your protocols in the Labstep protocol format to make them easier for others to follow!

Once in the Labstep format you can add interactive elements such as timers, resource references, tables and files.

Scientists can discover your protocol....

Your protocol will be discoverable by scientists at over 400+ leading universities that use Labstep including: Oxford, Cambridge, MIT and Stanford.

...and use them in their experiments

Labstep protocols use stringent version control guaranteeing that no matter who uses your protocol, you get the credit.

When they publish, they cite your work!

Include citation information in your protocol so people can cite the associated paper when they use it.