Case Study

Francis S. Mendy

Senior Laboratory Technician
Tuberculosis Diagnostics
User since November 2018
Created 16 experiments and 7 protocols

Francis is a senior laboratory technician at MRC Unit the Gambia London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Labstep enables me to keep a record of all the research activities such as protocols and data from experiments in one trail. One of the best features is that, unlike other apps, there is no need for software downloading with Labstep. Labstep can easily be accessed using a web browser and data can be synchronised and accessed across many devices.

It also enables me to upload all my laboratory protocols easily by just copying and pasting in the Labstep protocol builder. This has eliminated the need for paper records and enhances better recording keeping.

The results gathered from the lab can be easily shared with my supervisor or other members of the group. This eliminates the need for sending emails and keeping paper records.

The other interesting bit is that labstep is very dynamic and the developers keep adding features accordingly to the demands of users. For instant the excel feature were recently added because it was demand by user for need to do calculations.

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Michele Sanguanini

"Labstep makes me save time in protocols involving many little steps to complete; it makes it easier and less tedious to track the progression of an experiment"

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