Labstep for Industry

Standardise the capture of your experimental data

ELN, LIMS and data management modules flexibly fit unique R&D needs. Our fully unified cloud solution is ideal for collaborative workflows, IP protection and regulatory compliance.

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Connected research environment

Unify your scientific data documentation through Labstep's all-in-one cloud solution. Standardise data collection, streamline workflows and bring your team together in one, secure platform.

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Electronic lab notebook (ELN)

Inventory & order management

Secure, collaborative workspaces

Security and regulatory compliance

Integrated analysis & software tools

User support & dedicated account manager

Our winning assets


  • End-to-end R&D environment
  • Integrated ELN & inventory modules
  • Unlimited cloud data storage
  • Ease of use and quick adoption
  • Cloud-based, mobile-optimised web app
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Data standardisation and compliance

Traditional ELNs & LIMS

  • Single-purpose software systems
  • Disconnected data silos
  • Data storage at extra cost
  • Convoluted interface, low adoption rates
  • Outdated & slow desktop software
  • No customer support
  • No guarantee of compliance

The most intuitive solution on the market

Labstep's easy interface ensures seamless use for all team members, a quick onboarding process and great adoption rates.
List of experiment records in Labstep electronic lab notebook

"It's really intuitive to use - by far the best of the multiple ELNs we researched!"

- Fiona Rowan, protein science team lead, Labgenius
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Improve your research documentation

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Regulatory compliance & IP protection

Labstep builds a complete audit trail and ensures your compliance

Electronic signatures, time stamping and a comprehensive audit trail ensure the indisputable authenticity of your work.

Labstep offers a system which meets the technical requirements for compliant electronic records set by the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and can enable compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) guidelines. Learn more about how Labstep can make you compliant below.

About 21 CFR Part 11 About GLP About GMP
Electronic signature in ELN for digital witnessing compliance with 21CFR part 11
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White paper on scientific IP written by Labstep
Labstep ELN customer support web chat

Dedicated support, 24/7

Our customer support team is here to help you.

Labstep provides extensive support to give you and your team a seamless and painless experience getting started with Labstep. We host demos and training sessions, consult you on how to transfer your organisation and provide the necessary technical support. Once fully set up, our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you with anything you need.

Training and onboarding support

Dedicated account manager

24/7 customer support help line


Secure data hosting & full regulatory compliance

We know how important it is to keep your data safe. Security and data protection is a fundamental part of our engineering process.

Data Security

Data is hosted in SOC-compliant data centers.

End-to-end Encryption

We use the TLS1.2 protocol to encrypt all data end-to-end.

Private Networks

We use private networks (VPN) shielded from the public internet.

Full Compliance

Strict regulatory compliance through complete audit trails, electronic signatures & time stamping

Data backup

Data is backed up continuously to the cloud and daily at several geographical locations.

Access rights

Access tiering secures all data against unauthorized access.

The end-to-end cloud solution for R&D

Labstep is a comprehensive solution that works across R&D industries. Flexible customisation fits Biotech & Pharma, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Chemicals & Cosmetics, Agriculture and others.

Easy to use

Secure & compliant

Dedicated customer support

"Labstep has made documentation easy and simple for us."

"Whether its R&D or technical documentation, due to its user-friendly interface and ease of access, we can start, follow live and evaluate experiments remotely."

- Aleksander Drinic, Process Engineer, Fibrothelium
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Improve your research documentation

Let us show you how easy it is with a platform demo or get more information on how to improve your data documentation efficiency.

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