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The ideal solution to unify your institute in one environment.

An effective and sustainable data governance framework is crucial within research institutions. Labstep's flexible modules and custom, secure setup support the unique needs of any institution.

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Unified research environment

Flexible and connected notebook, inventory and data management modules are easily adopted by resident researchers. Connecting existing software, instrument and other systems ensures best practice data governance in your institution.
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Institution-wide research data audit trail

Streamlined inventory, services and order management

Customisable access rights & permissions

Easy-to-use interface for scientists

Local server and systems integrations

Best-practice data security standards

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“Labstep has helped me keep my lab journal up to date easily as I can quickly add protocols to my experiment. I can edit them and easily write down notes and observations as I do the experiment. It saves me a lot of time compared with my previous word-based lab book.”
Leon de Boer, PhD student
Immunology, Francis Crick Institute, UK
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Roles, access and permissions

Set up multi-level permission structures to effectively govern institute-wide records and activity. On a more granular level, researchers can share information and collaborate on projects while keeping full control of rights and permissions. Version-controlled protocols can be shared and optimised among lab members. Labs can keep track of collective libraries of resources or troubleshoot results through streamlined projects. PIs can track how students are progressing through experiments in real-time and give comments at any point during the experiment.

Custom integrations and IT support

We work closely with institutions to ensure all data governance needs are met, from institute single sign on (SSO) to integrating with local data servers to ensure backup of all institute-generated data. Labstep streamlines research workflows by connecting to local systems, lab software and equipment; our open API seamlessly transfers data between Labstep and any other system. We work closely with institutions to ensure all needs are met and provide 24/7 user support to all researchers and institute IT departments.

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Secure data hosting & full regulatory compliance

We know how important it is to keep your data safe. Security and data protection is a fundamental part of our engineering process.

Data Security

Data is hosted in SOC-compliant data centers.

End-to-end Encryption

We use the TLS1.2 protocol to encrypt all data end-to-end.

Private Networks

We use private networks (VPN) shielded from the public internet.

Full Compliance

Strict regulatory compliance through complete audit trails, electronic signatures & time stamping

Data backup

Data is backed up continuously to the cloud and daily at several geographical locations.

Access rights

Access tiering secures all data against unauthorized access.

Researchers save an average of 4 hours / week using Labstep at work

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Bespoke implementation.
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Best practice security standards

Easy-to-use interface for scientists

Bespoke institute environment setup

Unify all research activity within your institution

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