Inventory management

Quick to set up. Easier to maintain.

Manage your inventory and order requests - Labstep tracks every important detail of your materials, chemicals, samples, strains and much more.

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How it works

Don’t let your inventory slow you down. Our fully customizable inventory manager lets you track every important detail for any item or lab-made material and share this with your team. Users can even submit order requests from their inventory, so you know exactly what’s been ordered, by who and when.

From quantities and location to QR codes and shared items, Labstep makes better inventory management a simple matter.

Easy to get started

Batch import your items from any Excel or CSV file and specify your custom metadata fields.

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Fully customisable

Choose a recommended template or create metadata fields and attributes specific to your work.

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Seamless integrations

Link your inventory items to your notebook to build a complete picture. Set up integrations of your choice.

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Getting started is easy!

If you already have an existing lab inventory in Excel, CSV, or a FileMaker database, you can upload it into your account in no time using our easy import tool. Select an item category to instantly associate the relevant metadata fields to your inventory items. Have a specific request? Ask the team to upload your items for you!

"The onboarding process was quick, efficient, and streamlined. It was easy to migrate our whole company onto their platform."

- Carl Brown, Scientist, Sherlock Biosciences
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Customisable structure

Track any type of resource you like – Labstep is completely customisable. Track commercial products like chemicals and supplies, or lab made items such as buffers, plasmids, cell lines and oligos. Easily create specific fields for any resource category and add item attributes relevant to your lab.

Flexible file formats

You can associate additional information to your items such as tables, plasmid maps, DNA sequences and molecule sketches. Labstep accepts all file formats.

Advanced search and filtering

Labstep lets everybody in the lab know where things are kept, so you no longer waste time searching the lab for stuff. The advanced search and filtering functionality allows you to quickly find the exact item you need.

Location tracking

Labstep allows you to create locations and sub-locations for all items. You can even track the location of items in freezer boxes through our smart tables.

QR code labeling

Automatic QR code generation allows you to pull up item records instantly. Label your items with their unique QR code and use a scanner to track full experiment history.

Order requests

Say goodbye to whiteboards, spreadsheets, and messy email chains. Labstep makes it easy for scientists to request the supplies they need and for lab managers to approve and respond. All in one place and tied directly to your inventory.

While capable of serving as your primary purchasing system, using Labstep for requests does not require you to replace your institutional purchasing system. Labstep is designed to integrate seamlessly into any existing processes.

Seamlessly connected

Softwares and instruments integrated with Labstep automatically update inventory items with results, new locations, and new properties. They can also create entirely new items and connect them to the rest of your experiments, so your data is up to date and completely interconnected with minimal manual effort.

Link to notebook records

Connect physical samples to their experimental context and build a complete picture of your experimental workflow.

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Instrument integrations

By integrating with instruments such as plate readers and QR scanners, Labstep automatically keeps items up to date.

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Inventory and order management overview

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How do I import my inventory?

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What are resource items?

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Order requests on Labstep

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