Case Study

Margarita Sidorova

Owner of cosmetic start-up Frontier Cosmetics.

What is your research area?

My main focus is cosmetic formulation with a specialty in powders and raw material botanical extracts. I have formulated in the categories of skincare, haircare, decorative cosmetics, and fragrances. I also perform stability and challenge preservation tests on cosmetic formulas.

How does Labstep help your research?

Labstep has been great with helping me keep accurate records of my formulations. It records all my work session and saves me time from going back to fill in records. I like how the program is easy to use. It also enables me to share my progress with fellow cosmetic scientists from different areas in the city.

What reservations did you have using Labstep, if any?

I had some concerns about data storage. I was worried about whether my information would they be safe online. The team was great at supporting me with any questions and they work hard to frequently upgrade the system.

If you had one 'Surviving Science' tip what would it be?

My best tip would be the more prep you do before an experiment or a formulation to less you have to worry about when you do it. Pre-measure and pre-record everything as much as possible to leave you more hands-on time during the experiment. Write down everything, science is all in the detail. The more data you have, the better your research will be.

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