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With clusters in leading global institutes, Labstep is designed for today’s brilliant minds in science. From PhD student to PI, here are some practical examples of how researchers use Labstep.

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"It's really intuitive to use - by far the best of the multiple ELNs we researched!"

"It's simplified and streamlined our experimental processes: from planning out experiments before entering the lab, to keeping track of what protocol step you're on in real-time, to writing up results and presenting data in a straightforward way."
Fiona Rowan, Protein Science Team Lead

"The onboarding process was quick, efficient, and streamlined. It was easy to migrate our whole company onto the platform."

"Labstep has always been incredibly responsive and immediately work with us on various features we've requested. Their customer support has made us feel like they really listen to us and work hard to help us use their platform most effectively."
Carl Brown, Scientist

"Labstep is an ideal electronic laboratory bookkeeping platform, especially due to the flexibility and scope of the system."

"Labstep has made documentation easy and simple for us. Whether its research and development or technical documentation, due to its user-friendly interface and ease of access, we can start, follow live and evaluate experiments remotely."
Aleksander Drinic, Process engineer
"It's easily accessible from PC and phone, saves quickly and has a decently ordered layout."
Roel De Maeyer, Postdoc

Material Sciences
University College London, UK

Labstep user since Apr '19

14 experiments
15 protocols
6 projects
25 resources

"Best fit for online lab journals. Interactive for groups."
Günther Thiele, Group Lead

Inorganic Chemistry
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Labstep user since Apr '18

67 experiments
4 protocols
17 projects
2 resources

"I can search my past experiments very fast and show others my work efficiently."
Chengwei Yuan, Masters Student

Biological Sciences
University of Cambridge, UK

Labstep user since Jan '19

35 experiments
2 protocols
3 projects
0 resources

"As a programmer I’ve found the Labstep API really useful. It allows me to automatically create, update, and finish experiments from any programming language."
Marcus Fantham, PhD

Chemical Engineering
University of Cambridge, UK

Labstep user since Jun '18

4096 experiments
3 protocols
1 projects
12 resources

"I love that I can access my protocols from everywhere, make changes and have it all immediately accessible in the lab. And I don’t have to keep printing out every protocol every time I change something."
Corella Casas Delucchi, Postdoc

Biological Sciences
Francis Crick Institute, UK

Labstep user since Apr '18

273 experiments
278 protocols
6 projects
10 resources

"The single greatest way that Labstep saves me time is when I’m searching for something in my lab notes. This is especially useful when I am writing a thesis or paper."
Oliver Kraft, PhD

Organic Chemistry
Martin-Luther-University, Germany

Labstep user since Mar '18

21 experiments
101 protocols
2 projects
1 resources

"Intuitive; organized into projects which are further divided into experiments (which mirrors how I think as a PI); easy to share protocols and results between lab members."
Bradley Richmond, Group Lead

Biological Sciences
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, US

Labstep user since Jun '19

11 experiments
9 protocols
6 projects
1 resources

"It’s simple, efficient, and helps us to keep things on track. It serves as a tool for training new students to perform experiments they have never done."
Marcelo Bispo de Jesus, Group Lead

Biological Sciences
University of Campinas, Brazil

Labstep user since Jun '19

4 experiments
2 protocols
13 projects
1 resources

"Labstep enables me to easily upload all my protocols by just copy and pasting. It has eliminated the need for paper records and motivates me to do better recording keeping."
Francis Mendy, Lab Technician

Medical Sciences
MRC the Gambia, the Gambia

Labstep user since Nov '18

19 experiments
7 protocols
4 projects
11 resources

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