Case Study

Oliver Kraft

PhD student
Organic chemistry
User since March 2018
Completed 497 sessions
Created 19 experiments and 85 protocols

What is your research area?

My research is focused on organic chemistry and the synthesis of bioactive compounds. They will be useful in cancer and Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

How does Labstep help in your experiment documentation?

Labstep helps me to rapidly create new protocols for my research. It is also very easy to use. I can find experimental data very quickly in my old documents. I once forgot my lab book in the lab – but not with Labstep. Everywhere I go, my documents, protocols and notes are with me. And every single week, Labstep gets better and better. With new features, it’s going to be the best lab book I have ever had. Simplicity has got a name – Labstep.

How is Labstep saving you time?

The single greatest way that Labstep saves me time is when I’m searching for something in my lab notes. This is especially useful when I am writing a thesis or paper. It is quick and easy to find details through the search function, making a long search a thing of the past.

How does it help with organic chemistry research specifically?

With the ability to insert TLC's, NMR spectra, and other analysis results, to my experiment, I have all the relevant data in one place. Compared to the paper lab book, it is also easy to work on several experiments at the same time, without having to leave empty pages for any space for TLC's.

How is Labstep helping in your note-taking?

It is great for me to be able to take notes on my computer, because my handwriting is not exactly the best, especially under time pressure. With the web app, Labstep also allows me to access my data and experiments from home or on the road.

What’s your favourite Labstep feature?

For my own backups or for sharing protocols with other members of my workgroup, the conversion into a PDF file is very useful, especially when "non-Labstep users" want to access my results.

What reservations did you have using Labstep, if any?

In the beginning I was a little concerned about possibly losing all of my documents and how I would get them back. Another question was: how can I share my documents with someone who doesn't use Labstep? But so far, there has not been a problem with the data security or the loss of my documents. And the ability to export my documents, as pdf files for example, makes it possible for me to share my research documents with anyone I want.

If you had one 'Surviving Science' tip what would it be?

If your experiment doesn't work, don't be frustrated. With every single experiment you are closer to what does work. And then the successes and results will make you forget the failed experiments.

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