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Rewarding non-traditional outcomes

Chasing the next breakthrough, securing funding and establishing yourself as an expert in your field is no easy feat. Competition is intense and the niche that you are pioneering can leave you feeling alone. We want to help!

Labstep is a community-based research app that allows you to track your research progression, connect with other like-minded scientists and share. We want to recognise the unsung heroes of science, who go the extra mile to help their peers. We offer a way to encourage non-traditional outcomes of research which everyone benefits from but go unrewarded.

Materials and methods without skipping the detail

More often than not, method sections do not have sufficient detail to be reproduced. Labstep has been developed so that researchers can document exactly how they conduct their research. At the time of publication, a unique link to your full protocol and experiment history can be inserted into your paper. This can then be maintained with stringent version control, allowing your readers to stay up-to-date.

Lab book of the future… but now!

Have you ever tried continuing research from a former colleague, using only their lab book? Or, tried finding a data point from the first year of your PhD? The traditional paper lab book is still the default tool for recording day-to-day research, but is incredibly inefficient. Data in your paper lab book is cannot be backed up and attaching a wide range of file types can be tricky (think printing off and glueing images). With a paper lab book, the ability to transfer knowledge is dependent on clear and structured writing. In addition to all this, it’s constructed out of a flammable substance... There must be a better alternative!

Frustration with current data recording methods is the source of inspiration for Labstep LIMS. A cloud-based, standardised and fully searchable audit trail of your research, that is free to use and accessible from any electronic device."

Keeping on top of the Lab

Managing a lab is no easy task. Staying on top of your group's research, inventory, budget and equipment leaves you with little time. Endless email chains and inventories managed in spreadsheets - this is not your only choice. Labstep is an integrated platform that allows you to manage all aspects of your lab, including group projects, timeline tracking and equipment updates.