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Labstep allows you to flexibly customise your own research environment. Seamlessly connecting notebook, inventory applications and data analysis, you can build a research record that is easily searchable and shareable.

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Electronic notebook

A modern approach to note-taking. Interconnecting materials, experimental procedures, results and metadata, this a tool that simplifies documentation at every step of the research process.
  • ✔ A comprehensive electronic lab notebook that records all elements of experimentation.

  • ✔ Master protocols can be associated with notebook entries and altered on an experiment-by-experiment basis without affecting the master.

  • ✔ Step-by-step experiment interface to run through procedures and record deviations in real-time on desktop and mobile devices.

  • ✔ Flexible fields allow customisation of notes and results.

  • ✔ Supports any file format including .gb .gbk .fa, and has integrations for Microsoft Office, Molecular sketcher, SnapGene and multiple programming softwares.

  • ✔ All activity - including electronic signatures - is time-stamped to ensure the integrity of the audit trail.

Protocol library

Labstep Protocols provides the tools to set up an organised library of master protocols, SOPs and other documents.
  • ✔ Copy-paste or drag and drop text from existing documents or build documents from scratch.

  • ✔ Automatic step recognition converts plain text into step-by-step protocols.

  • ✔ Tables, timers and inventory items generate enriched documents. Embedded files support any file format including .gb .gbk .fa.

  • ✔ Flexible edit and access rights allow protocols to be shared to workspaces and directly with colleagues.

  • ✔ All edits are tracked in a version-controlled changelog to aid process optimisation tracking. Previous versions can easily be restored.

Inventory management

Labstep helps you keep overview of your inventory - from materials and chemicals to samples, solutions and cell line libraries.
  • ✔ Search, filter and tagging functionality of large inventory libraries.

  • ✔ Tracked information include location and amount in stock. Flexible fields allow for customisation of item information.

  • ✔ Labstep generates unique IDs and QR codes for every item and integrate with instruments such as barcode scanners.

  • ✔ Setup is easy – items are easily batch imported and assigned metadata fields.

  • ✔ Item availability and order request status tracked for procurement administration.

  • ✔ Flexible edit and access rights allow inventory items to be shared in workspaces or directly with colleagues.

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Collaboration and sharing

From secure workspaces to directly sharing your experiment updates, Labstep’s sharing settings are customisable and give full control over access and permission rights.
  • ✔ A Labstep workspace is a secure digital space where you can neatly pull together experiments, protocols and inventory.

  • ✔ Create shared workspaces to share experiment details, version-controlled documents and results or inventory libraries with colleagues and collaborators.

  • ✔ Send information on Labstep directly to colleagues via email or sharelink.

  • ✔ Co-author experiment records with real-time progress updates.

  • ✔ Full control of access rights and permissions.

Instrument and software integration

Labstep offers the flexibility to integrate with instruments and software to streamline the documentation process at every step of the research process.
  • ✔ In-house integrations with ChemDraw, SnapGene and LabVIEW.

  • ✔ Automatically upload data files from a wide variety of instruments to Labstep via the open API.

  • ✔ The custom-built Folder Watcher program instantly uploads files saved in remote desktop folders.

  • ✔ Integrations with R and Python give control of Labstep records from within the programming language.

  • ✔ The Labstep support team helps users connect new analysis tools and software.

Why a progressive web app (PWA)?

Labstep offers the flexibility to integrate with instruments and software to streamline the documentation process at every step of the research process.
  • Uses less data. An app which takes close to 1 GB as a native app, can be reduced to about 50 MBs when made an PWA.

  • No updates required. You always have access to the latest version. No need to update every now and then.

  • No install required. These are simple web-pages, no need to install Labstep to start using.

  • Sharing is easy. You can share a PWA with its URL.

  • You just need a browser. You do not need a particular operating system e.g. only IOS or android. PWAs work on any device and any browser.

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