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Tired of inefficient notebooks and expensive data management softwares? Whether you're working on your PhD or looking to digitise your entire lab, at Labstep we believe detailed tracking of research data and methods is vital to all scientific endeavours. That's why our sci-tech software is free for academia around the world.

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  • Free for academia, forever
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Real-time data collection
  • Cloud-based, mobile-optimised web app
  • Personal customer support

Traditional research softwares

  • Typically costs ~ £2000 per user, per year
  • Data storage at extra cost
  • Upload data retrospectively
  • Clunky desktop software
  • No customer support

Cloud-based and mobile-optimised

Labstep is a progressive web app, meaning unlike other research management apps, you don’t need to download any software. Simply find us in your browser, where our platform automatically adjust to any screen size you might be using.
With our cloud-based and mobile-optimised technology, your data is synchronised and accessible across all devices, anytime, anywhere.

Track your progress

Keep a detailed record of your research activities in your experiment audit trail. Plan your experiments by selecting protocols, resources and detailing hypotheses.
For every experiment you have completed, the specific methods, deviations, resources and results are detailed in a time-stamped and searchable overview. Here, you can organise your experimentation with unique tags or share your progress with a colleague.

Optimise your methods

Easily design new protocols or copy-paste in existing methods with the Labstep protocol builder.
Import tables, attach files and images, or implement practical timers for any time-sensitive elements of your experimentation. Descriptive text is seamlessly arranged into step-by-step methodology with our smart step-recognition tool and reflected in the real-time experiment runner.

Data collection anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re working at the bench, in the field or in the office - you can run your experiments from our mobile-optimised web app anytime, anywhere.
Collect data as you go by filling in tables, running timers or attaching images and videos directly from your camera. Protocol deviations and observations are automatically saved to record your exact process.

Manage Your PhD

Organising your PhD project can time-consuming. Labstep helps you manage your PhD project, track your progress and store your data. Want to share your findings? Easily collaborate on protocols with your colleagues or show your PI your results through Labstep group collaboration.

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Software & device integration

Connect your network enabled equipment, smart devices and software with the open Labstep API. Save yourself time and effort by automatically integrating your data output into your experiments on Labstep to avoid the fuss of servers, hard drives or USB sticks.
Follow our simple API documentation or get in touch with us to set-up your own integration today.

Constructive collaboration

Collaboration over Labstep is ideal for lab groups and projects with remote collaboration. Seamlessly share your methods, resources and manage your PhD data with your colleagues and across collaborators around the world.
Track individual contribution to research projects in your collective project overview. Manage the access and permission rights to fit your specific needs.

Manage your resources

Build a comprehensive list of your resources or browse the catalogues of trusted industry suppliers such as NEB or Qiagen.
Quickly recall information on tagged resources in your protocols or simply swap a resource out for another while you’re running your experiment in real-time.
Labstep keeps track of your detailed inventory and what is used exactly when in your experimentation.

Safety and security

Whether your project holds sensitive or competitive information, your data security is of the utmost importance to us.
All data on Labstep is encrypted and we use industry-leading security practices to ensure the data in your digital lab book is completely private, safe and secure.
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