Carl Brown

Sherlock Biosciences
Molecular diagnostics company
Sherlock Biosciences has 12 Labstep users

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"I have thoroughly been impressed by the customer service, the response times, and the rapid turnaround time to implement requested features. It's been a pleasure working with Labstep and it's great to have an ELN that works with us to improve our productivity."
What are your reasons for using Labstep?

Labstep is the most intuitive and easy-to-use ELN platforms available.

What do you like about Labstep?

Labstep is just easy to use. Everything is where it should be, which means I don't have to spend any time looking for experiments, protocols, or results.

How does Labstep help you in your individual work?

The live experiment tracker enables me to access my current experiments and protocols with the click of a button.

How does Labstep help your team?

The ease and simplicity of the user interface has dramatically improved user adoption and usage rates. In addition, the platform is incredibly stable and always performs smoothly, so we never have experimental downtime due to our ELN.

How was your onboarding process with Labstep?

The onboarding process was quick, efficient, and streamlined. It was easy to migrate our whole company onto their platform.

How have you found Labstep's user support?

Fantastic! The people at Labstep are always available and happy to answer any question we have. Their customer support has made us feel like they really listen to us and work hard to help us use their platform most effectively.

How responsive has Labstep been to your feature requests?

Labstep has always been incredibly responsive and immediately work with us on various features we've requested. They have also been great about communicating timelines and updates on when new features will roll out, which has helped us in our planning as well.

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Aleksander Drinic, Fibrothelium

"Labstep is an ideal electronic laboratory bookkeeping platform for documenting the planning, execution, and evaluation of our scientific experiments, especially due to the flexibility and scope of the system."

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