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Teamwork in Labstep happens in workspaces — a single place to neatly pull together notebook, inventory management, files and more. Labstep’s sharing settings are customisable and give full control over access and permission rights.

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Researchers collaborating on project in the lab

"Workspaces really simplified and streamlined our experimental processes. We've standardised how we capture our experimental data; all protocols and results are easily searchable and shareable."

- Fiona Rowan, Team lead, Labgenius Ltd

How it works

A Labstep workspace is a secure digital space for group collaboration or to organise your own work. Workspaces neatly pull together experiments, protocols, resources and order requests in one, organised environment. This is great to keep on top of your personal projects. If you’re looking for an environment to track work as a team, workspaces makes collaborating between colleagues easy and are a great way to manage a group or organisation.

You can set up as many workspaces as you wish, customise them according to your work context and seamlessly transfer items between workspaces. Teamwork has never been this easy!

Team workspace overview in Labstep electronic lab notebook

Brings together teams

A single place to manage experiments, inventory and data — helping everyone save time and collaborate together.

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Fully customisable

Workspaces can be set up by team, project, client and customisable to what is relevant to your organization.

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Secure & protected

Platform security and access rights and permissions ensure your work is secure and protected.

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Getting started is easy!

Setting up a workspace is a piece of cake, all you need is an email address that you can access. Within a matter of seconds, you can invite your team members, customise your settings and start collaborating.

Interface to create a new workspace in Labstep electronic lab notebook

As a team we're able to share and modify SOPs and other protocols, easily peer-review each other's work, and share data reports with our project managers.

- Fiona Rowan, Team lead, Labgenius Ltd
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Audit trail of ELN experiment entry showing activity of collaborators

Brings together teams

Workspace are a cloud-based, real-time collaboration environment, where updates are automatically synced across teams. Teams that use Labstep can minimize distractions because they rely less on meetings and email. By having open communication channels, all involved parties can stay up to date and informed. Your team’s work and communications are forever retained and you can search and filter through them.

Brings together projects

A Labstep workspace pulls together all relevant documents, results, samples and inventory items in simple, organised environment, making it easy to keep track of your projects. Communication within the project Workspace is context-specific, making your online collaboration more effective and comprehensive.

To build a water-tight audit trail, Labstep keeps track of all project activity, so you know exactly who has done what and when. No data can ever be deleted, so your records are complete and truthful.

Customisable to your context

Seamlessly align your workspace environment with your team’s unique work context. Workspace settings are highly flexible and completely customisable to fit your needs.

Indicate storage location of your inventory items with the click of a button. Custom resource categories allow you to set default metadata fields of your choice and instantly apply the details of your inventory items.

With workspace-wide tags, you can folder together the relevant items. Finding what you’re looking for is a matter of seconds.

ELN inventory page for VF2 primer showing item information like DNA sequence

Advanced search and filtering

Labstep shows you exactly who has done what and when in your Workspace. The advanced search and filtering functionality allows you to quickly search by keyword or filter by member and tags.

Search bar in electronic lab notebook to search inventory items

Looking for a one-on-one?

Not all workspaces need to be shared. Sometimes you just want to have your own, personal environment to organise your work. If you wish to share a single document, the outcomes of an experiment or details of a sample with just one recipient (who may not be on Labstep yet), we have multiple options to do so quickly and efficiently.

Share via email

Safely send information over email directly from your Labstep acount.

Share via sharelink

Copy + paste a sharelink to give instant view access to your content.

Setting team member access rights and permissions in electronic lab notebook

Roles and permissions

Access rights and permissions to the data in your collaborative workspace are customisable to your needs. Every member of a workspace has a role, each with its own level of permissions and access.

How a user can interact with individual pieces of content (experiments, protocols and resources) is determined by whether they have OWNER, EDIT or VIEW permissions. As a Workspace Owner, you can set the permissions for your members as you wish, and revoke when needed.

All data created in a workspace is owned by the workspace, so even if someone leaves your team, the data stays in the workspace.

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About user roles and permissions

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Managing roles and permissions

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