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Our API allows all your network enabled equipment and smart lab devices to send data to Labstep.

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Stay on top of your research, get the most from your findings and elevate your research impact.

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Capture the data that matters without adding to your researchers work load.

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Increase the impact and reproducibility of your articles.

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Our story

Frustrated with having to choose between paper notebooks and clunky software, we wanted to build a research app that would make our life in research easier.

Born out of the University of Oxford, Labstep LIMS is here to help you along your path to discovering the next big thing.

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Science has led to discovery and innovation that everyone benefits from. To say we're huge fans is an understatement. Despite our love for science, we acknowledge there is always room for improvement. Reproducibility is an issue that we're passionate about, but as we all know, there are many others. We believe the best way to tackle these issues is to talk about them!

The Labstep Community is for researchers who are motivated to make science the best it possibly can be. Join Labstep in fighting the most pressing issues in science and become a community manager today!

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