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“Labstep is the most intuitive and easy-to-use ELN platform available on the market.”

Labstep For

Research Scientists

  • Save time on writing and executing experiments
  • Streamline your flow
  • Organise your data
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Securely store all of your data in one place
  • Access your data at any time from anywhere

Lab Managers

  • Supercharge research reproducibility with end-to-end inventory management
  • Secure data hosting
  • Full regulatory compliance
  • Improve your lab’s performance and meet research goals

Directors and Heads of Research

  • Reduce costs and decrease admin work
  • Eliminate inefficient use of equipment and consumables
  • Monitor and be involved in your team’s progress

Chief Scientific Officers

  • Minimise admin work
  • Project management tools
  • Enable efficient collaboration between teams
  • Unify all workflows end-to-end even with multidisciplinary teams
  • Adapt easily to unique team demands with the flexibility of our UI and customisable features

Accelerating research in the most innovative industries

Elypta: Accelerating science with a centralised cloud platform for cancer detection R&D.

Elypta is developing the first-ever metabolism-based liquid biopsy platform for early detection and closer follow-up of multiple cancer indications. Discover how Labstep has been helping Elypta reach their goals.

Future Fields: Providing the scientific platform to revolutionise cellular agriculture industry.

Find out how a breakthrough cellular agriculture company Future Fields uses Labstep to streamline their research.

Liquiglide: building a frictionless future using a versatile technology for slippery coatings.

Liquiglide is an MIT spin-out on a mission to commercialize the first-ever slippery coatings. Labstep has provided LiquiGlide with a secure ecosystem for  efficient scaling.

Fibrothelium: transforming silk proteins into products for advanced medical solutions.

Fibrothelium is a Germany-based biomedical engineering business on a mission to reduce process costs whilst remaining thoroughly environmentally friendly. Learn how Labstep’s been assisting them every step of the way.

Sherlock Biosciences: making a positive impact on human health with next-gen molecular diagnostics.

Sherlock Biosciences is a Boston-based molecular diagnostics company revolutionising the bioengineering field. Read about how Sherlock Bio use Labstep features to accelerate their research.

PokeAcell: on a mission towards curative treatment for cancer patients.

PokeAcell is a next-gen immunotherapy company at the forefront of personalised T cell therapy. Hear from PokeAcell scientists how they use Labstep in their daily operations.

Exscientia: pioneering in the field of AI drug discovery.

Exscientia is re-imagining the entire drug discovery process and re-engineering through the thoughtful application AI and machine learning techniques. Learn how Labstep assists Esxcientia's access to laboratory automation.

QustomDot: transforming the world of LED displays as we know it.

Liquiglide is an MIT spin-out on a mission to commercialize the first-ever slippery coatings. Labstep has provided LiquiGlide with a secure ecosystem for  efficient scaling.

Renbio: biotechnology start-up of the future carving the path for antibody therapeutics.

RenBio uses their technology to deliver bio-blueprints by intramuscular injection to be read by muscle cells to produce disease-fighting antibodies in the patient’s own body.

Shiok Meats: reinventing the seafood industry with groundbreaking cell-based technology.

Shiok Meats is the first-ever cell-based meat company in Singapore, the first country to approve the mass use and sale of lab-based meat. Find out how the company at the forefront of the world’s most buzzing industry works with Labstep.

Funzionano: developing nano-sized polymers to enhance material properties.

Funzionano is a Norway-based company developing hybrid nanoparticles which can be tailored to improve material properties like flame retardancy, hydrophobicity and gas barrier efficiency.

Future Meat: accelerating the world’s first industrial production of cultured meat.

Future Meat advances a cost-effective solution for cellular agriculture that is scalable and sustainable by design. Their slaughter-free meat does not compromise on nutritional value, aroma or flavour.


“Being able to easily access each other's data and protocols is very helpful. The platform is great for data sharing. All our data is now entered in Labstep and is easy to find. It's much easier than hard copy lab notebooks because everyone can access the data from their own computer.”

- Carl Brown, Scientist

Protein science

“It's really intuitive to use - by far the best of the multiple ELNs we researched! It's simplified and streamlined our experimental processes: from planning out experiments before entering the lab, to keeping track of what protocol step you're on in real-time, to writing up results and presenting data in a straightforward way."

- Carl Brown, Scientist


“With labstep we spend way less time on writing things by hand and can quickly get an overview of how much stuff we have in stock without having to go to the lab.”

- Ulla Kring Hansen,  
Postdoctoral Researcher

Chemical Engineering

“Moving our QC release data packages to a single online platform that is part 11 compliant is a must, and Labstep will be effective for that.”

- Anton Repnikov, Process Engineer

Molecular Diagnostics

“The onboarding process was quick, efficient, and streamlined. It was easy to migrate our whole company onto the platform. Labstep has always been incredibly responsive and immediately work with us on various features we've requested. Their customer support has made us feel like they really listen to us and work hard to help us use their platform most effectively.”

- Carl Brown, Scientist

Agricutlure and agritech

“Labstep is an ideal electronic laboratory bookkeeping platform, especially due to the flexibility and scope of the system. Labstep has made documentation easy and simple for us. Whether its research and development or technical documentation, due to its user-friendly interface and ease of access, we can start, follow live and evaluate experiments remotely."

- Aleksander Drinic, Process engineer


“It is now easier for the entire team (including people at home office) to follow a product from the developing step until the application and sending of the sample. It is good for us that all the information is located in one place.”

- Samer Sahli,  Laboratory Engineer

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