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We are a team of scientists & developers on a mission. Learn about how we started and our commitment to the scientific community.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a connected lab execution software that accelerates the research process and guides companies towards a digital future.

We are here to accelerate science by enhancing your research workflow

Over the last decade, the complexity of R&D processes has evolved. Keeping track of everything that goes on in a single lab, let alone in the whole organisation has become difficult, leading to the consequences detrimental for global research.

As much as 80% of research data is currently lost within 20 years

On average, there is a delay of 3 weeks between performing an experiment and documenting it. This leads to disorganisation and disarray of the research workflow. These issues are directly translated into the ongoing scientific reproducibility crisis, as over 50% of research is currently irreproducible. For R&D companies, the irreproducibility of science is a major issue that costs $28B a year.

Labstep drives the R&D technological revolution

Science is moving faster than ever before. The technology used by scientists must follow. Conventional software have fallen behind the scientific progress and can no longer effectively follow this evolution.

Labstep was created in close alliance with the leading scientists from different fields of science with the goal of building a progressive operating system which not only reflects the way modern scientists work but also paves the way forward for the most innovative labs.

Our journey so far


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The first prototype of the platform was created within the University of Oxford.


Bringing together a great team of scientists and highly skilled developers to build a cutting-edge platform.


Labstep has seen rapid, organic adoption of the platform among researchers globally. Since launching, our research app is now used at over 900 universities around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and MIT.


Backing by Seedcamp venture capital.


Residency at Google for Start-ups program.


Building up the product to bring enhanced value to commercial R&D organisations.


40+ of the most innovative commercial clients are trusting our mission.

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