Record keeping made easy.

From planning and documenting experiments to sharing results and structuring projects - Labstep’s intuitive electronic notebook (ELN) is easily customised to track your workflow from start to finish.

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Scientist recording experiment data by saving PDF file on computer

How it works

Built upon frustrations with legacy ELNs, Labstep offers an intuitive, comprehensive and connected notebook environment to manage your information in one place. The electronic laboratory notebook allows you to design and execute experiments, standardise your data recording methods and share your findings amongst teams and collaborators.

All-in-one notebook

Central to Labstep is its ease of use. Labstep records each step of your research process, start to finish. Intuitively connect the protocols, deviations made at the bench, materials used and results generated from instruments and computational work.

Building a complete, searchable audit trail with minimal effort, Labstep Notebook improves productivity, increases data reproducibility and guarantees compliance.

electronic lab notebook entry with table, protocol and image

Easy to get started

Import your protocols & documents with a simple copy + paste. Set up the notebook environment to fit your team structure and workflow within minutes.

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Complete records

Link your notebook records to your inventory items and instrument metadata to build a complete picture. Set up integrations with softwares of your choice.

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Standardisation & compliance

Standardise the capture of experimental data among your team. The automated audit trail ensure complete compliance.

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Getting started is easy!

Getting started is a matter of minutes. Labstep allows you to set up your workspaces and invite any colleagues with the click of a button. Our intuitive interface is easy to understand and ensures seamless adoption. Upload your existing documents and protocols to your workspace using copy+paste or import your sheets instantly. Our open API allows you to accurately transfer records from other ELN environments and connect your instruments. Our support team is always here to help you on your way!

electronic lab notebook protocol library

"Labstep is just easy to use. Everything is where it should be, which means I don't have to spend any time looking for experiments, protocols, or results."

- Carl Brown, Scientist, Sherlock Biosciences
Circular map of a vector in ELN molecular biology software

Multidisciplinary tools

Labstep is suitable for all scientific disciplines. Commonly used tools such as a sequence editor and a molecule sketcher are built into your notebook. The integrated Open Vector Editor is a user-friendly DNA and protein sequence editor, with which you can design, edit and share your DNA sequences, plasmids and primers. Link your designs to your inventory and notebook entries or keep a shared library of molecular designs with colleagues.

Advanced search and filtering

Search through all your notebook content with the powerful search function. A full-text search and a tagging system help you to organize and find information quickly.

Search bar to search experiment records in electronic lab notebook
Editing a protocol interface in electronic lab notebook software

Version control

Version control is a vital part of a complete audit trail. Labstep keeps a complete history of changes made to your documents. Keep track of who made what edit and when to your master protocols, SOPs and safety documents. You can always revert to previous versions.

Smart documents

Integrated tables, timers and tagged inventory items generate enriched documents that can be executed intuitively at the bench. Numbered lists and paragraphs can be converted into step-by-step instructions with a single click.

Sharing and collaboration

Share research information and collaborate on projects while keeping full control of rights and permissions. Invite team members to co-author experiment records view your progress updates in real-time. Create collaborative workspaces to organise experiment records and associated documents, inventory and results with colleagues. Individual content can be shared securely through email or by sharelink.

Secure workspaces

• Secure collaborative environments
• Ideal for group or project management
• Customisable setup for collaborative workflows

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Access rights and permissions

• Permissions may be revoked at any time
• Distinguish between owner, edit or view permissions
• Owners control all content created in their workspace

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Labstep lets you sign and witness experiments in full compliance with FDA CFR 21 part 11 regulations to protect your intellectual property. All entries and changes are recorded in an activity log and time stamped automatically to ensure a full audit trail of your work. A version history allows you to access previous versions of your experiments.

Data security & full encryption

Your data is hosted safely in the cloud in SOC-compliant data centers by Amazon Web Services*. All information is securely transferred (SSL), fuly encrypted and backed up daily to two geographical data centers. You own all your data at any time. Everything entered and uploaded into the electronic lab notebook by you can be exported.

*Private options are available

Adding a digital signature to ELN experiment entry for regulatory compliance

ELNs and Intellectual Property Protection

Labstep is optimised to secure and protect your IP. Learn more about scientific IP and the benefits connected research environments provide in patenting.

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White paper on scientific IP written by Labstep
"The ease and simplicity of the user interface has dramatically improved user adoption and usage rates. In addition, the platform is incredibly stable and always performs smoothly, so we never have experimental downtime due to our ELN."
- Carl Brown, Scientist, Sherlock Biosciences
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