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"We use Labstep for following protocols & quick data input at the bench. It's a lot easier to follow than paper-based methods. Each experiment is trackable with protocols that follow the flow of the experiment."

- Nicolas Kral, Phytoform

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Elypta: Accelerating science with a centralised cloud platform for cancer detection R&D.

The first prototype of the platform was created within the University of Oxford.

Future Fields: Providing the scientific platform to revolutionise cellular agriculture industry.

Find out how a breakthrough cellular agriculture company Future Fields uses Labstep to streamline their research.

Liquiglide: building a frictionless future using a versatile technology for slippery coatings.

Liquiglide is an MIT spin-out on a mission to commercialize the first-ever slippery coatings. Labstep has provided LiquiGlide with a secure ecosystem for  efficient scaling.

Fibrothelium: transforming silk proteins into products for advanced medical solutions.

Fibrothelium is a Germany-based biomedical engineering business on a mission to reduce process costs whilst remaining thoroughly environmentally friendly. Learn how Labstep’s been assisting them every step of the way.

Sherlock Biosciences: making a positive impact on human health with next-gen molecular diagnostics.

Sherlock Biosciences is a Boston-based molecular diagnostics company revolutionising the bioengineering field. Read about how Sherlock Bio use Labstep features to accelerate their research.

PokeAcell: on a mission towards curative treatment for cancer patients.

PokeAcell is a next-gen immunotherapy company at the forefront of personalised T cell therapy. Hear from PokeAcell scientists how they use Labstep in their daily operations.


Exscientia is re-imagining the entire drug discovery process and re-engineering through the thoughtful application AI and machine learning techniques.

QustomDot: transforming the world of LED displays as we know it.

Liquiglide is an MIT spin-out on a mission to commercialize the first-ever slippery coatings. Labstep has provided LiquiGlide with a secure ecosystem for  efficient scaling.

Renbio: biotechnology start-up of the future carving the path for antibody therapeutics.

RenBio uses their technology to deliver bio-blueprints by intramuscular injection to be read by muscle cells to produce disease-fighting antibodies in the patient’s own body.

Shiok Meats: reinventing the seafood industry with groundbreaking cell-based technology.

Shiok Meats is the first-ever cell-based meat company in Singapore, the first country to approve the mass use and sale of lab-based meat. Find out how the company at the forefront of the world’s most buzzing industry facilitates its operations with Labstep.

Funzionano: developing nano-sized polymers to enhance material properties.

Funzionano is a Norway-based company developing hybrid nanoparticles which can be tailored to improve material properties like flame retardancy, hydrophobicity and gas barrier efficiency.

Future Meat: accelerating the world’s first industrial production of cultured meat.